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Triple Your Monthly Revenue with a Signature Workshop
A 3 day training teaching you the exact method I used to build a multi-six figure business

A Free 5-Day Live Video Training Series to Learn the Tactics you MUST Master to Generate $10k+ months in Your Heart-centred Online Biz.
In this Free Challenge, I will share with you Exactly how I went from earning a Big Fat $0 in my business, 
to earning consistent $5k, $10k, and those life-changing $25k months... and how you can do the same.

Hint: it doesn't involve funnels, social media, fancy internet marketing, or pricey Facebook ads.   
  You're a coach or service-based entrepreneur ready to create consistent $2k, $5k, $10k+ months so you can finally quit your 9-5 and move full-time into your business!
  Or maybe you don't have a business yet, but you have a message to share and need to take the first step towards getting your business started!
  You’re ready to not only earn more money, but have more impact, reach more of your people, create more visibility, call in more connections to help you scale your business.
  You're ready to ditch the overwhelm and focus on exactly what needs to be done to take your business to the next level.
DAY 1: Decide How a Signature Workshop Will Fit into Your Business
Monday November 11th 4:00pm MST (Denver)
  • Want to ditch the overwhelm and focus on the MOST POWERFUL tactic to bring in your ideal clients month after month (even if you're just starting out)? In THIS training I'll teach you how to do just that!
DAY 2: Learn How to Choose the PERFECT Topic to Draw in Loads of Your Ideal Clients
Tuesday November 12th 4:00pm MST (Denver)
  • Workshops will transform and BLOW UP your business by bringing in loads of your ideal clients who are ready to invest to solve the problem they’re having (which is exactly what you help them solve!). However, we MUST to choose the RIGHT topic and in this training, I'll show you how.  
DAY 3: How to Market Your Worshop for Clients, Visibility, Credibility, and List Building
Wednesday November 13th 4:00pm MST (Denver)
  • Workshops (when done correctly and strategically) not only increase your income, but they do SO much more. In this training, I'm going to teach you how to use your Signature Workshop to double or triple your visibility, increase your credibility in an insane way, and how to sky-rocket your list (which leads to further sales down the track!). 
  These trainings will take place LIVE in our private Facebook Group!! 
Each training will remain available for 24 hours so you can catch the replay if you absolutely need to!!
Hi there, I'm Erica! 

I’m an award-winning Life Purpose & Business Coach. Within the first year of my coaching business, I was fully booked and running a 2-month wait-list. 

I was also able to triple my full-time income, quit my career as a non-profit executive, and move my family out to beautiful Colorado where I work remotely from home!

I can't wait to show you how I went from earning a big fat $0 in my business, to earning consistent $5K, $12K, and those life-changing $25K months. 

Hint: it didn’t involve funnels, social media, fancy internet marketing, or pricey Facebook ads.

If I was able to make this happen with 2 small babies at home, while working full-time and recovering from a cancer diagnosis, you can absolutely explode your business as well! 
Ready to create a constant stream of clients and book out your business? 

Let me show you the exact process I used to consistently sell out & scale my business through workshops.
I can't wait to see you there!!
Great News: you actually CAN book out your business in a way that doesn't involve funnels, social media, fancy internet marketing, or pricey Facebook ads.